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Our Business Network Can Drive Serious Numbers Of Customers To Your Door

Are you a small business operator, with 3-30 or so staff looking to expand?

Are you looking for that magic ingredient, that tipping point that would take you to the next level?

I’m passionate about helping businesses like yours identify six-figure tipping points

Your first tipping point is a conversation away – our unique Keypoint Referral Network

How to capture the attention of your market has changed.

Adapt and thrive. Or wither away.

Like every business, you are just ONE idea away from make or break. One million-dollar breakthrough idea can change EVERYTHING.

How do you find it?

Move From Survive To Thrive FAST

Wherever you are on the spectrum of business success you share something with all your competitors. How you evolve and adapt will determine how the next decade will unfold. Doing the same things as you did last year almost guarantees that you’ll lose.

Every day I see businesses that are STUCK, lacking in WOW power, just going through the motions, and you just know they will get steamrolled by the new kids on the block. Don’t let that be you!


It’s hard to be creative when surrounded by the same energy every day.  The status quo feels safe but it’s the death knell to your growth.

Facebook, Apple, Google, Kodak, Myspace, Nokia prospered or disintegrated based on INNOVATION and so will you

It’s time to escape the static view from INSIDE THE BOX.


Do you want more prospects?


Do you want more sales?


Do you want higher value clients?


Do you want more referrals?
How about better conversions?


Can you envisage what your business would look like if a multinational competitor moved in to your territory?

NON-DIGITAL Can Be Your Superpower - Your Tipping Point
Icon Culture - Non Digital
Icon Customer service mostly Non Digital
Icon Million dollar idea generation - Non Digital
Icon Relationships - Non Digital
Icon Offline transactions - Non digital
Icon Even social media, whilst the platform IS digital the content creators are certainly Non Digital

NON-DIGITAL is where the heart and soul of your culture resides and where you’ll find your tribe of raving advocates.

My 30 Day FREE Offer!

Let’s free up 30 minutes for an informal chat. You shout the coffee and I’ll share this unique Business Referral Network idea, your first tipping point and identify $1,000’s in low hanging fruit that your business is likely missing out on.

That’s it.

In just 30 minutes I want to disrupt HOW you look at the future of your business.

Then we can discuss my offer to work with you for FREE for 30 days!

Let’s talk.